Following the Digital Economy Act 2017, also referred to as the 'New Code', driven by 5G connections, telecoms is an everchanging and constantly evolving landscape, with developments in the industry every day. LRS provide data and service to ensure plans proceed at their best possible timescale.

With a projected 1.5 billion subscriptions to 5G by 2024, telecoms growth is increasing year on year.

Following the Digital Economy Act 2017, also referred to as the ‘New Code’, LRS secured major telecoms projects.

The New Code sets new rules regarding land owners and operators, in relation to the deployment and maintenance of telecoms masts. It gives licensed telecommunications operators rights to place, keep equipment and upgrade as well as other changes, and contributes towards improving the UK’s 4G connection and 5G connection.

With the download speed of 5G promised to be up to 100 times faster than the current 4G, LRS are delighted to assist in this ever-evolving sector.


New Code, Nationwide.

LRS secured a major telecoms project in support of the new Digital Economy Act 2017, also being referred to as the ‘New Code’.

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