Boundary Resolution

By using a wealth of information, researched and provided by our Land Referencers, we review each layer of information to provide a clear picture for boundary resolution.

To assist with boundary resolution, our specialist surveyors review historical mapping, aerial photography, land registration plans, site surveys and enquiries.

Boundary resolution between two properties or plots of land is one of the most common issues within Land Registry. The position on the ground does not always reflect the actual legal position in the title deeds.

These issues can become very long and complex. For registered land, the title plan (or filed plan) shows the position of the boundary, but it is not always 100% correct.

We superimpose the layers of information to generate the output explaining the results and, in consultation with Land Registry, we provide maps and recommendations.





Boundary Resolution.

Boundary Resolution


Land Boundary Clearance


Multiple Method Approach

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