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6th January 2021

The Planning Application for The London Resort reveals exciting new plans for the 'UK's Disneyland'.

The London Resort is one of the most ambitious projects in Europe. Set to be a unique, groundbreaking, world-class destination, the project submitted its planning application on 31st December.

The project, for which LRS were delighted to provide a full Land Referencing Service, has been hailed as a ‘sustainable, next generation entertainment resort’.

New images released have shown the six ‘lands’ planned. If successful in securing development consent, construction on the London Resort could begin in 2022 with a plan to open in 2024.

The Development Consent Order (DCO) comprises over 25,000 pages of reports, assessments and analysis. The largely brownfield former industrial site is located on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, 17 minutes from London by train. The DCO shows exactly how it will be transformed into one of the world’s most exciting leisure destinations.

Planning Application

The planning application reveals plans to develop two theme park gates, a waterpark, a conference and convention centre and an e-Sports facility.

More than 3,500 hotel rooms will also be created. In addition, two ferry terminals – one each side of the River Thames – will be built, along with back-of-house facilities, a visitor centre and a new road from the A2.

The London Resort will mark a step-change in leisure and entertainment provision in the UK.

The London Resorts' Six Themed Lands

The theme park will feature six lands; The Studios (a modern-day warehouse district inspired by blockbuster movies) and The Woods (an enchanted realm influenced by fables and fairytales). The Kingdom features swords, sorcery, dragons and Arthurian legend). In addition, The Isles (giant creatures, mythical beasts and jaw-dropping architecture) and The Jungle (ancient ruins of a long-lost Mesoamerican civilisation). Finally, The Starport will be a sci-fi, 23rd-century 'landing zone'.

An artist's impression shows what the huge £3.5 billion theme park could look like. The park is set to span 465 hectares - 136 Wembley Stadiums, and will offer a great deal of immersive and themed rides and attractions.

What looks like castle turrets can also be spotted in the imagery, further strengthening developers' claims that the park will act as a UK Disneyland.

The consultation documents say transport facilities will be provided on the north side of the river, set over approximately 29.5 hectares of land. This will be on land immediately to the east of the port of Tilbury, with a transport access corridor around the A1089.

This will include a Park and Glide facility at Tilbury in Essex, which will essentially take people across the Thames.

In addition, the mammoth plans include a floating jetty and ferry terminals. Bosses also want to improve public transport and increase cycle routes.


Importantly, The London Resort aims to be one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. It also plans to run an operationally carbon neutral theme park, delivering a net biodiversity gain.

A green network of amenity areas and parkland will include areas of environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation beside the River Thames.

During the public consultation last year, 73% of responses said they supported the London Resort’s approach to the environment and biodiversity and 74% were in support of its approach to sustainability.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of the 120,000 members of the public who took part in the consultation agreed that the London Resort will benefit the local area in the longer term.

PY Gerbeau, the London Resort’s CEO said:

“Getting to this point has not been easy.

“The public has responded overwhelmingly in favour and for that we are deeply grateful. We will go through all of the feedback and use it to help inform our approach and further develop our proposals.

“But there is no doubting that our aim of creating one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the world, here in the UK, has taken another big step towards becoming a reality."


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The London Resort will be one of the largest, single site employers in the UK, making a significant contribution to the UK economy. Independent research, detailed in the application, highlights a number of key benefits:

» £50bn of gross economic activity (GVA) generated in the UK over the initial 25-year period.

» Over 6,000 construction jobs created.

» 48,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs created by 2038 including;

» 8,700 employees by 2024 rising to over 17,000 by 2038, directly employed by the Resort.

» Up to £200m in additional tax revenues, directly created by 2038.

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