LRSystem® - Scalable Software and Database Solutions.


Scalable Software and Database Solutions.

Our bespoke LRSystem® is a scalable software and database solution that provides a GIS user interface for capturing land parcels and land ownership information. It provides for each stage of the Land Referencing process with high level verification and efficiency.

Supporting desktop land referencing, ownership schedules (Book of Reference), Land Plans, Access Licences and Notices the LRSystem® creates a fully auditable trail along with project management for every scheme we undertake.

People with an interest in land include not only owners, tenants, occupiers and mortgagees but also anyone who holds registered rights over land, for example, sporting rights, access rights or the benefits of a restrictive covenant.

The LRSystem.

LRSystem® is a secure system that ensures all the work we complete and provide is to a high standard and is to the best quality possible.

It enables clients to directly upload and share data with the LRS team, giving everyone access to the most recent information at all times.

Every stage of the Land Referencing process requires high level, quality verification, which is something we can confidently supply to all clients.

Clients are given a private LRS login where its possible to access project information. Each project has its own area within the system, avoiding any data breaches.

Key benefits include…

Quick & Secure

Attention to Detail

Reduces Risk

Clear & Concise

The LRSystem® is used for these services…

Land Referencing


Digital Mapping

Boundry Resolution

Site Notices

Site Surveys

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